ComicCityCast 12 – Triple H is a Mary Sue

Also featuring Sacred Cows – The Incredible Hulk Returns

Welcome to episode 12 of the ComicCityCast, and by golly to we have a slobber knocker of a show for you!!! In our opening contest, we take a look at the WWE’s most recent offering The Royal Rumble. We analyse the highs (of which there were quite a few), the lows (of which there were many) and how the product looks heading into Wrestlemania. Our mid-card attraction sees Ciaran Marcantonio wax poetic on the nature of adaptations of comic properties and why we may need to temper our expectations of them, and finally, in THE MAIN EVENT, we present the latest in our Sacred Cows series as we look back with fresh eyes on a venerable old classic. This time we painfully reminisce on the attempted revival of the Billbixbytastic Incredible Hulk. What happens when The Hulk and Thor clash with pound shop production values? Find out here as we review The Incredible Hulk Returns.