ComicCityCast Episode 5 – Live from COMIC CITY 2015

We came. We Saw. We Kicked Ass. The first ever Comic City festival has been and gone and what a rush it was. To those who made it along we say thank you very much and we hope you enjoyed. To those of you who didn’t make it along: do not despair, for we have this exclusive recording live from our spiritual home: the palatial steps of the Derry driving license office. Were joined by PJ Holden ( Dept. of Monstorology) , who tells us about pygmy Hitler clones and the correct way to settle petty squabbles. Eisner award winning colourist Jordie Bellaire talks to us about #artcred , MS Marvel and the pitfalls of allowing Declan Shalvey to collect Eisner awards. Declan Shalvey shows up to issue a rebuttal, to discuss his work with Warren Ellis, and to poo-poo questions about the Preacher television show. And the great Stephen Mooney adds little bit of class to the preceding’s whilst telling us about his work on Grayson and Midnighter. Also on hand are Darren and Wayne from The Irish Pubcast , a rouge chocolate wrapper that causes mild disruption for about 10 minutes, and two angry bouncers demanding the return of their beer kegs. It’s just that kind of show.
Thanks to everyone for making Comic City 2015 such a big success.

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